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Posted 7 years ago by George

iSplit™: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission is to help you reduce the cost, minimize the pain and streamline the decision-making process of dividing up assets and debts acquired in the marriage.

Below are some general conditions or problems that you can get into by using iSplitLite™ or iSplit Divorce™.  If these answers don’t address your problem, please contact us by clicking here to send us an email requesting Support.

Too Confusing

When you open up the App, it might seem like there’s a lot there on the screen; while we try to keep the thing simple, it can be overwhelming.

The icons represent assets and debts in ten different categories (mirrors the categories that the Courts are looking for).

The four quadrants represent the assets and debts from two parties: a husband and wife or two life partners.  The top half (hemisphere) is for assets; the bottom is for debts.

Can’t Change Names

If you want to change the name of a part from the set “Dick” and “Jane,” simply “long touch” on the name and a menu will help you “Select All” and then “Cut.”  You can then type in the name(s) you want.

Can’t Move Assets to Lower Level

If you can’t move an asset to the debt hemisphere, it’s because that is not an allowed function.  Assets stay above the median line; debts stay below.  If you want to create a debt, touch “New Asset / Debt” in the top menu bar.  On the next screen where you can create an asset or debt, select the Category field and choose either “Secured Debt” or “Consumer Debt.”

Configuration Not Realistic

The “Loaded Configuration” on the main screen (Partition) serves as a starting point.  Usually, most couples have a vehicle (or two), a house, a mortgage, a credit card (or two), some furniture, a TV.  You might even have a trailer or an RV.  So, that’s what we’ve started with; if the configuration doesn’t fit your situation, you can simply delete all the icons (long touch, then select “Delete”) and, then, start from scratch.

The App Crashes, Doesn’t Work

If the App shuts down without any warning, there is either a bug or something has gotten corrupted on your iPad.  The easiest solution to this is to do a hard reset on your device: hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears, then release.

Sometimes, there are software / hardware interactions that are not fatal but require that you start fresh.  It’s best to remove and re-install iSplit™, follow the basic instructions here:

  1. long touch the iSplit™ icon on your iPad
  2. when the App starts to “wiggle,” press the black “x” on the iSplit™ App icon (this will bring up the prompt at right which will allow you to remove the App from the iPad)
  3. two options from here: 1) go back to the App Store, and download the App, or; 2) connect your iPad to a computer running iTunes and on the “Apps” tab in iTunes, check the iSplit App and then click “Apply;” iTunes will then re-install the App on your iPad.

Can’t Change Names

If you want to change the names of the parties, simply do a “long touch” on the name you want to change.  A menu offering you  three options: Select, Select All, Paste.  (See screenshot at right.)

Can’t Get Back to Partition Screen

Any change you make in the “Partition” (the main) screen is automatically saved.  When you press the “configuration” button, you can change the name or duplicate the name of the configuration.  Simply press on the configuration you want to edit and there will be a momentary blue flash on that configuration; then, you will go back to the Partition screen.

Doesn’t Work On iPhone

The App is designed to work on an iPad.  The screen requirements and the number of items really require a tablet versus a smartphone to work effectively for the user.  If you try installing it on your iPhone, you will receive a warning message that the App will not function on the iPhone.

Can’t Move Icons Around

In some cases, you might not be able to move icons (assets and debts) around the screen.  It is possible that you imported a configuration (a proprietary iSplit™ file) from another iSplitLite™ or iSplit Divorce™ user.  If that is the case, only Premium Version users can manipulate the icons in that file.  If you have iSplitLite™ or the Standard Version of iSplit Divorce™, this configuration is “read only.”

If these answers don’t address your problem, please contact us by clicking here to send us an email requesting Support.

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