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iSplit Divorce Pro: Targeted for Mid-November 2012 Release

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Successful Consumer Launch Spurs New Version Development

iSplit Divorce, released by APG Mobile Applications (APG  MA) in the iTunes Store on September 6, 2012,  has enjoyed international acceptance: Australia, Singapore, Canada, China are all countries where a diversity of users have downloaded the App.

iSplit Divorce: The Main Screen

APG MA, a visual computing company, created the first Version for the “consumer” market: couples moving through divorce who want a better, easier, less painful way to split up their community property.  The App has fulfilled that Mission as APG MA continues to enhance the Standard and Premium Versions with new features and security.

What’s happened, though, is that lawyers are looking for a Version which they can use with their clients: “the roar of the demand has been deafening” says APG MA’s CIO, George Moskoff.

New features in iSplit Divorce Pro will include:

  • higher level security
  • segregation of personal and community property
  • spreadsheet manipulation (for those “right brained” folks who need to see a table)
  • proportionally-sized icons (for the “left brained” folks)
  • links to resources (e.g. how to effectively negotiate; how to compromise, etc.)
For more information about the iSplit family of Apps,  go to our product page or visit us in the iTunes Store.

Description :


* "This app should be called lickity split, for before you know it you are done!! This is a superb concept, brilliantly executed." -- Ecstatic User, iTunes Review

* "I downloaded this today and have been playing with it. It's absolutely wonderful." -- Gabriel C., Esq., Massachusetts

* "…Graphic and very flexible, it's very promising. There is nothing else like this…" Mark U., Esq., Texas

* iSplit Divorce uses a revolutionary approach called “visual computing” to help divorcing couples easily split up their marital assets/debts.

* Move icons around and the program automatically re-calculates assets / debts and net value in realtime.

* iSplit Divorce will save you enough in legal costs to pay for the purchase of your iPad. There is no advertising on the paid version and we don't try to connect you with attorneys. We respect your privacy and your values.


There are no websites to log onto: all of the data for this Application reside on your tablet computer. The only time you would contact us is if you have a problem or have some ideas for an enhancement to the App.


* Output your configuration to a spreadsheet to share with your attorney, ex-spouse, advisor.

* Can't make a decision? "Park" an asset or debt while you make decisions about other items. Parked items don't enter into the autocalc formula at the bottom.


* iSplit Divorce automatically saves the configuration you see on the screen EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A CHANGE.


* In the Lite version (Free), you can output the results of the configuration that you see on the screen via an email that will contain: assets; debts, and; net value...for each party.

* In the Standard Version, you can save up to five (5) "configurations" or scenarios and then output, via email, to a spreadsheet file (can be printed) or an iSplit Divorce file. The spreadsheet will show the results of each configuration: who owns what; its value; total assets/debts, and; net value.

* Using the proprietary iSplit Divorce file allows another iSplit Divorce user to open the configuration, and all associated graphics, in "read only" mode.

* In the Premium Version, you have an interactive ability to both view and edit configurations and pass them back and forth. Plus, you will be able to save/archive an unlimited number of configurations.


* Ten (10) major asset and debt categories -- same as the Courts use.

# # # # #

Thanks for using iSplit Divorce. I hope the process goes as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

Release Notes:

* minor bug fixes and updates
* additional visual help when the app starts
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App Details:

  • Version: 2.2.9
  • Created by: APG Mobile Applications
  • Sold by: George Moskoff
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Lifestyle, Business

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