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Laura Wasser on iSplit Divorce Pro: Hollywood Divorce Attorney, Says “…I love this App”


5 years ago

Laura Wasser, Divorce Attorney to Hollywood (Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie, etc.), suggests using iSplit Divorce Pro to get conversations started about how to split up your stuff in an interview with “Business Insider.” iSplit Divorce Pro is the … Continue reading

Choosing Divorce: Is It Courageous or Valiant?


6 years ago

Ecuadorian Immigrant Challenges My Words Last evening, I went to a business networking thing.  I met a clean shaven man, a decade or so younger than myself, who had emigrated from Ecuador with his family eight years earlier. “The corruption was so … Continue reading

The Purpose of Marriage, Family: Part II


6 years ago

The Turkeys Can Tell Us A Lot I live in a suburban / park setting and at least three groups of turkeys traipse through this rocky backyard (the whole area used to be a quarry) in the course of a … Continue reading